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Apartment 11 Productions is a Canadian children's television production company based in Montreal, Quebec, founded in 2002 by Jonathan Finkelstein.

1st Logo (September 14, 2002-March 30, 2014)

Nickname: "Purple Peephole"

Logo: On a wooden door background, we see a purple peephole with a purple door. Below is the following lowercased text in purple:


along with a small copyright info given at the bottom middle which says and reads out the text:

© [year] MWW (or whatsoever TV show code is substituted depending on its company's other programs ) Enterprises, Inc.

in dark grey.

Also, the number "11" is screwed onto the wooden door like the peephole does. Then suddenly, the peephole door itself creaks open and the eye of a blue-eyed person pops through the peephole, and it blinks twice.

FX/SFX: The peephole door opening and the eye blinking twice.

Music/Sounds: A creak when the peephole door opens. Two descending notes play, one for each time the eye blinks. Also, the end theme of the series can be heard for some shows from the company.

Availability: Seen on Apartment 11's older programs such as Prank Patrol (as well as the Australian version), In Real Life, and Mystery Hunters, the first program with this logo. Also seen on other past/former shows from the said company such as like Way Off Broadway, Surprise...it's Very Edible and was last seen on Cross Country Fun Hunt.

Editor's Note: This is an memorable logo for those young viewers from in within this era that grew up watching both counterpart remakes of the Prank Patrol franchise.

2nd Logo (2014-)

Apartment 11 Productions 2nd Logo.

Logo: Same as before, except the eye is now larger and now in a cartoonish style, and it is now on a white background instead of a wooden door background. The new Apartment 11 Productions logo text is now in a different font, nor also this time all being in capitals (except for the number 11) instead of lowercased and also are stacked in together as well. Only the "11" is in a purplish color; while the words "APARTMENT" and "PRODUCTIONS" are both bolded black in color, in Haewasitter. Two very tiny black dots appear on both the left and right sides in between the text "PRODUCTIONS". Like the previous one, below in the middle of it, there is also an small sized copyright info notice that reads (as an example given here):

© [year] Bing Enterprises, Inc.

(whatsoever depending on the TV series from the company) in a very light grey color.


  • On Rank The Prank, there is a still in-credit variant.
  • On The Mystery Files episode "The Mystery of Games", there is a different copyright notice that reads and show the following text down below:

(C) 2015 Florence Productions Inc.

Therefore, "Productions" itself is in place with of "Enterprises" in that variant, due to alternate copyrighting namesake reasons thanks to the company's suggestion.

  • On another Mystery Files episode "The Mystery of Knowing the Code", the copyright notice from the 1st logo is used instead.
  • On The Wacky Word Show episode "Heroes", we see Zoë holding up a giant peephole which is being landed off from the logo (as she does her best to either gently reach it from there or hold it up really very high enough from the top) on a navy blue/black spiffed starry sky background with tiny white stars in front of it (a la 1987/90's DIC Child in Bed logo), then she flies straight up and away by swinging her arms from her left to her right afterwards. Also, this variant has the A11P text in white instead of black in color; while therefore the number 11 stays in its own normal regular color and plus the text seems like a bit more less smaller than the original version.
  • On Wacky Word Songs, the copyright text notice says:

(C) 2020 9117-3112 Quebec Inc.

Nor in this variant, the copyrighted year given above and two 4 digited number codes with a dash right in the middle of them now replace the aforementioned latter (C) [year] Bing Enterprises, Inc. (different from TWWS's copyright notice).

FX/SFX: Same as before.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Finding Stuff Out and The Wacky Word Show, the end theme of the show plays over it, along with the peephole itself creaking in the BG of the logo also just like from last time.

Availability: Seen on Look Kool (Ces't WOW!! for the Canadian French version), Finding Stuff Out, The Wacky Word Show and Wacky Word Songs. Also seen in-credit on Rank the Prank. Don't expect to see this on Raven's Quest and The Mystery Files, as well on Big Top Academy/Big Top Academy: School is Out Edition.

Editor's Note: TBA

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