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Arcadia Entertainment was the home media division of Tropea Holdings, managed by TV producer Nikos Vergetis of Eglimata fame; back then, the parent company was named Sanyo Holdings Hellas, as it was the Greek representative of the Japanese electronics company. Arcadia's children's library would consist of productions from Burbank Animation Studios, Dingo Pictures and Mondo TV. It also used imprints of companies Video Elit and Joy Video.

1st Logo (20??-2007)

Arcadia Entertainment (Greece).png

Logo: We see four shiny rounded semicircular arcs appearing one by one by zooming in, and moving around in a circle. As they zoom in closer in order to form one, a red circle (also composed of four semicircular arcs) appears in the center. Two slanting sides of a triangle are also apparent on the bottom left corner of said circle; the two form together the letter "A". The other letters of the word "ARCADIA" appear between the "A", as each one of them swings horizontally to the front.

FX/SFX: The letters of "ARCADIA" (minus the middle "A") swinging horizontally to the front. Said letters and all round marks also shine.


Availability: Rare. It can be found on some DVD and VCD releases.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd (alternative) Logo (2001-2006)

Logo: A grey background with lighting at the center, inside a perspective environment, fades in. A blue circle composed of four semicircular arcs, with two blue slanting sides on the bottom left corner (partly forming the "A" letter), and a few from the other letters of the "ARCADIA" word are reflected by glow lights that point at the left and right parts of background. Afterwards, the circle with the "A" also fades in, in upper center. The other words are also dragged horizontally towards the "A"; "ARC" is dragged from the left side of the screen, and "DIA" from the right side. Then, the glows on the sides move to opposite directions, passing by the light in the center in the process. As a result, the shades of "ARCA" move vertically towards the right side of the screen, and the shades of "DIA" towards the left side, in a higher position at the top left corner. Meanwhile, a blue rectangle scrolls from the bottom part of the screen in diagonal perspective. It later gets stretched, swings vertically to the front and gets placed under the "ARCADIA" word; the shades of "ENTER" and "TAINMENT" also start appearing on the rectangle, on the upper left and bottom right corners of it, respectively, due to additional lighting in said parts. The whole "ENTERTAINMENT" word, with white color, also scrolls in diagonal perspective from the bottom, and simultaneously swings, so it can be placed inside the rectangle. A trademarked logo of the DVD format is placed under the rectangle, in a similar way to that word, with lighting on the left side of it. After that, the color of the circle with the letter "A" and the rectangle is changed to red; plus, the "ENTERTAINMENT" word is replaced by the "GROUP OF COMPANIES" phrase, with the lighting on the latter remaining intact. The DVD logo is replaced by the phrase "A MEMBER OF SANYO HELLAS HOLDINGS S.A.".

FX/SFX: The grey background and the circle with the letter "A" fading in, as well as "ARC" and "DIA" being dragged from the sides of the screen and certain parts of the logo (the rectangle box, the word "ENTERTAINMENT" and the trademarked DVD logo) scrolling in diagonal perspective from the bottom, and swinging towards the screen. Plus, a lot of shading due to lighting in said components, mainly in the sides.


Availability: Uncommon, as most of the DVD releases by Arcadia where it's featured are obscure.

Editor's Note: This logo doesn't have the aesthetic appeal of the previous one, due to the excessive amount of shading and the effects.

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