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Background: Argonaut was a British game developer founded by Jez San in 1982. In October 2004 the company was closed and liquidated.


Logo: On a white background there is an elliptical banner with a picture of a warrior holding his lance and a shield. The name to the right reads "AN ARGONAUT Software Ltd. PRODUCTION".
FX/SFX: None.
Music/Sounds: None.
Availability: Seen in Birds of Prey.
Editor's Note: None.
2nd Logo


Logo: There is a warrior's head composed of four colored lines and the underlined name which reads ARGONAUT. Below the "SOFTWARE LTD" line can be seen, or "GAMES PLC".
Variants: There are a lot of variants:

  • On the PS1 and PC versions of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, three Gobbos inflate the logo-bearing balloon until it blows. The Sega Saturn version of this has the still logo.
  • On Croc 2, the logo is pictured on a floating bottle.
  • On I-Ninja, the rubber-made logo is severed by a sword.
  • On SWAT, it appears on a metal door blasted by police squad.
  • On Malice, the letters rotate and zoom in.
  • On Power Drome, it is white. And a red marker with "SHEFFIELD" blasts in.FX/SFX: Depending on the variant, usually decent CGI.
    Music/Sounds: Depending on the variant.
    Availability: Rather common on their games. But not seen on Catwoman and Harry Potter series.
    Editor's Note: None.
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