Arsel (Turkey)

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Description, images and videos by bigladiesman Translations by xXFalcoXx

Background: Arsel was a Turkish film company, whose complete name was Arsel Istanbul Film. The company only released 1 film, which was the infamous cult superhero Z-movie 3 Dev Adam.


Nicknames: "Arsel 3x", "ARSEL, ARSEL, ARSEL!", "Circle on Multicolor Background"

Logo: On a red background, we see a logo surrounded by a green circle. The logo consists of a circle with two crossed Turkish flags (though "banners" is a more appropiate term to define them) supported on two ribbons with unreadable letters on them. Above the flags there's a filmstrip. Within the logo there is a large amount of text that reads the following:

Above the flags: Arsel - Ist. (Ist. stands for "Istanbul") - Film Below the flags: 20 Yillik Tecrübenín Eseri ("20 years of experience") Between the flags: Vîdeo Kassette (Video Tape)

The background gradually changes colors in the following order: Red, green, blue, purple, red, brown and green.

FX/SFX: The background changing colors.

Music/Sounds: Folk music is heard in the background as a male voiceover says "Worth buying? Guess what it is!" in Turkish. Then, a group of male voices yell "ARSEL, ARSEL, ARSEL!".

Availability: Extinct. Seen only on 3 Dev Adam.

Editor's Note: None.

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