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Background: Artmic (that's short for ART-Modern Ideologist for Creation) is a now defunct Japanese design studio that was formed in 1978. It went bankrupt and was liquidated in 1997 after being slapped with a lawsuit by Youmex over Bubblegum Crash, that cut it short, tying up the entire franchise up in legal issues for the next several years. As a result, Anime International Company (AIC) now has intellectual property of most of its titles.


Logo: On a black background, white and blue lines zoom out and rotate around. The lines disappear as metal walls appear and we reveal the Artmic logo, which is "ARTMIC", all in the Stop font, stacked in a black box on a metallic silver background. A flash then happens, changing the background and text to white, the box to blue, and changing the logo to 2D.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: A quick synth ditty.

Availability: Spotted on releases from the company, including later releases of the Gall Force OVA Series, which were all released by U.S. Manga Corps; one from (NuTech Digital, Inc.) and DVD, Ltd. altogether.

Editor's Note: None.

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