Austin Brown Productions Limited (Nigeria)

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Nicknames: "San Francisco, Nigeria", "Earth and Space on Drugs", "The Overly Psychedelic and Weird Logo That Appears Before Guardian Angel"

Logo: We zoom out of a bird's eye-view of San Francisco as the camera spins. Once the Earth is in full view, it zooms out onto a silhouette canyon with a time-lapse morning sky as a statue rises from the bottom under the globe, looking like it's holding the globe. The Earth spins as an explosion occurs behind, changing the sky to an evening (purple) sky as the sky changes into multiple skies/backgrounds (an ocean-like surface, blue lights on a black background and a regular sky). An explosion occurs on one side of the Earth as the Earth then entirely explodes, and we are transported to a night sky background (similar to the 2006- Disney logo) as yet another flashing effect occurs, resulting in


appears and spins with


abruptly appearing with a line drawing in between. The logo shines a bit before zooming out.

Variant: A short version exists, only consisting of the text zooming out.

FX/SFX: Everything, and we mean everything, from the zooming to the exploding to the flashes.

Music/Sounds: A piano note with a choir with a muffled whoosh which intensifies, then a weird synth tune with a choir, along with heaps of loud, bass-boostedf whooshes and explosions here and there.

Music/Sounds Variant: The short version has the ending theme of the movie, also bass-boosted.

Availability: Seen on Guardian Angel, both 1 and 2.

Editor's Note: An awfully weird and psychedelic logo that's hard to explain. While the CGI is half-decent here and there, it's also cheap in most aspects, and the company has nothing to do with Austin Brown. The audio is also bass-boosted at unexpected times.

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