Awwa Home Video (Poland)

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(1988-1992) Image result for awwa home video Logo: On a space background. there are 2 red planets seen in the distance, one of them having a yellow spot on it. The word "awwa" then zooms out with a long backtrail that shortens when it gets into place at the middle of the screen. The word is stacked and consists of the 2 parts being the same strange font, but with a different placement of the "a" and the top being teal and the bottom blue. The yellow spot then zooms in, revealing to be a spinning crown that stops on the top of the logo. As it moves to its place, the silver words "HOME VIDEO - KRAKÓW" then roller coaster around the letters and stop on the bottom, with then shining and the crown stop spinning. This then transitions to a screen with contact information and a warning scroll, both having a completely different font in white with a blue shadow.

FX/SFX: The letters zooming out, the crown spinning, the text flying in.

Cheesy Factor: Simple CGI animation and cheap music, and the background looks like it was made on a Amiga.

Music/Sounds: A rapid beeping is heard at the beginning. This is followed by a 5-note theme played on a synth trumpet, and a buzzing sound when the words fly in below. A shining sound then abruptly plays, before transitioning into a patriotic fanfare on the screens that follow.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on copies of Didi Drives Me Crazy, Neon City, Stop at Nothing, S.A.S. Melko, War Lords, The Arrival, Cougar!, Action U.S.A., Death Dreams, and To Save A Child, among others.

Scare Factor: Low. The loud and annoying music may unnerve some.

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