BBS Station IDs (Canada)

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1st Logo


Logo: On the blue background we see a BBS text then the colors is going away then PRODUCTIONS text.

Local Variants: Local variants see the description below

  • CJOH-TV Ottawa the ident was fades in we see a CJOH-TV text fading in
  • CKCO: Same as BBS Productions logo
  • CFTO-TV: Same as BBS logo
  • MCTV: Same as BBS logo
  • Saskatchewan: Same as BBS logo
  • CFPL-TV: Same as BBS logo
  • CHWI-TV: Same as BBS logo

Variant: A short variant exists

Music/Sounds: One note orchestral tune then five note piano tune then the music at the end.

Availlabity: Check your own tapes. Seen at the end BBS TV movies and shows era.

Editor Note: None

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