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Logo description by DreamMechanic, TM123

Video courtesy of MachineryNoise

Background: Akin to Erry Vision Film Co., this might have been a label ran by Chester Novell Turner to help distribute Tales From the Quadead Zone on VHS. The trouble he encountered when he had a VHS label distribute his previous film Black Devil Doll from Hell (namely, the label only paying him $6 for every copy sold, as well as editing the film without his consent), as well as the logo's one-time use, provides heavy credence to this.



Nicknames: "The Denver the Last Dinosaur Logo", "Cheap Superimposition Job", "BC the Last Dinosaur", "A 5-Minute Job"
Logo: On a violet background, we see the text "A BC VIDEO PRESENTATION", with "PRESENTATION" in an arc, an slightly inclined "A", and a small four leaf clover-like blurb drawn below it. Superimposed inside the text is the intro to Denver the Last Dinosaur (a small part of the footage appear not covered in the left).
FX/SFX: The clips in motion behind the text.
Music/Sounds: First there are four drum beats that begin on a black screen before the logo appears, then a funky beatbox riff, then a synthesized hip hop/rap tune is used. It all sounds like something you'd hear off of a Casio keyboard.
Availability: Ultra rare. It can only be seen at the end of original VHS prints of Tales of the Quadead Zone. This logo may or may not appear at the end of Massacre Video's DVD of the film.

Editor's Note: This is one hell of a cheap logo, from the strange placement of text, to the use of the Denver the Last Dinosaur footage (which, oddly enough, was released first in 1988, making its appearance on here a mystery), though at least the music is pretty catchy.

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