BMG Interactive

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Background: BMG Interactive was launched as an American multimedia publishing subsidiary of Bertelsmann Music Group, but sold to Take-Two in 1997 and closed permanently.


Logo: On a complicated, steel-like blue background, three letters "B", "M", and "G" are hammered from behind with sparks coming out. Then the arrow, the line and "INTERACTIVE" appear the same way at once, forming the "BMG" logo.
Variant: The animation was used in some games, others had the logo still in black-and-red colors.
FX/SFX: Letters appearing with sparks.
Music/Sounds: Four hammers.
Availability: Rare. Seen on international prints of GTA I and II, Mass Destruction, and Tilt! - Hyper 3d Pinball. Don't expect this to appear on Courier Crisis.
Editor's Note: None.