Bac Films

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Background: BAC Films is a film production and distribution company that works in the USA, France and Canada.


Logo: On a black background, we see a red square zoom up from the center. Then, it unfolds to the left, revealing a white fill with a "B" inside it. Then at the right, revealing a "C" and another red square. After a second, an "A" wipes in from the top of the square. Then after that, "FILMS", rotated left 90°, wipes in from the left.

Variant: On The Man Who Wasn't There, instead of just the "A" wiping in, the red square goes along with it, too.

FX/SFX: Simple animation.

Music/Sounds: Usually silent.

Availability: This was used on films produced by the company. It is pretty common to see this in France, where they distribute various films on theatres and home video. For example, this plasters the USA Films logo on the French release of Traffic.

Editor's Note: None.

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