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This is the production company of Bryan Singer.

1st Logo (November 16, 2004-October 26, 2012)

Nicknames: "Beach Boys", "That's Some Bad Hat, Harry"

Logo: We see 2 cartoon men on a beach, sitting next to a penthouse. One of them sits on a cooler, the other on a beach chair, both in beach attire. The text "BAD HAT HARRY PRODUCTIONS", in black, is at the top of the screen. The man on the left (presumably Harry) is wearing a rather silly aviator-type hat. The man on the right leans over a bit, towards Harry, and says "That's some bad hat, Harry."

Trivia: The dialogue, shark fin, and general situation in the logo are all a reference to the movie Jaws.

FX/SFX: A slight animation when the man on the right leans. The entire logo was animated in Adobe Flash at Angry Alien Productions.

Music/Sounds: The man's high-pitched dialogue.

Availability: Appears after House. Also appears on Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of the 1960s sitcom The Munsters.

Editor's Note: It is considered a humorous logo.

2nd Logo (May 25, 2011-)

Nicknames: "The Staff", "The Usual Suspects Logo"

Logo: There are silhouettes of five people walking into and settling in front of a background screen consisting of horizontal white lines. After they take places, the logo becomes a glossy stencil on the cerulean wall with the logo turning red, and as the logo zooms out, the words "BAD HAT HARRY" come in the same red color below. The picture keeps itself lustrous and wet because of a rainfall as there are waterdrops coming down the logo.

Trivia: This, like the previous logo, is a homage to a film, namely one of the most notable scenes from Singer's breakthrough film The Usual Suspects.

Variant: On Jack the Giant Slayer, the logo is longer and starts the feet of the people in the logo walking, which are replaced by silhouettes of the film's characters.

FX/SFX: The live-action people moving, the logo zooming out, the waterdrops. This logo was done by Prologue.

Music/Sounds: A switch-on sound, footsteps, and an ominous "plink-plonk" soundtrack. For Jack the Giant Slayer, a deep majestic tune plays over its opening logos.

Availability: Appears on X-Men: First Class, Jack the Giant Slayer and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse. A shortened version can be seen on H+: The Digital Series.

Editor's Note: Like the last logo, this is a uniquely-made film homage.

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