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Background: Bad Robot is a production company by J.J. Abrams that specializes in television programs, as well as films.

1st Logo (September 30, 2001-2008)

Bad Robot - CLG Wiki

Logo: In a box containing fog and some zooming grass, which is situated against a black background, a silhouette of a robot sneaks through the grass at a distance from the left to the right, and then the shabby robot, which is revealed to have a red color scheme, a curved rectangular shaped head, and yellow eyes, appears in front of us. "BAD ROBOT", in a white abstract font, appears below the box when the robot is revealed. Instantly, the picture becomes still.

FX/SFX: The robot moving. Looks like Flash animation.

Music/Sounds: The sounds of rustling grass and the two little kids (actually J.J. Abrams' kids) say the company name. The voice could be heard over ABC's credits music/announcements on BR's shows on that network. 2001-2002: The kids' voice was normal. 2002-2008: The kids' voice was changed to a robotic voice.

Availability: Appears on J.J. Abrams' shows, such as Alias, Lost, What About Brian, Fringe, Six Degrees, Person of Interest, and Almost Human.

Editor's Note: None to low. This is considered as a humorous logo.

2nd Logo (2008- )

Bad Robot (2008)Bad Robot 2013

Logo: Same as the movie logo, except the logo is shortened to when the robot appears in full view from the left and the logo fades to a 2D illustration of the image (two logo shots here depict the logo before and after the transformation).

Variant: Starting with Almost Human, after the robot appears the symbols "@" and "_" appears in the company name, makes it read as "@bad_robot".

FX/SFX: The robot moving (this time in CG-reused from the film logo), and the fade to the 2D illustration.

Music/Sounds: Same as the first logo. Later when the symbols appears, a bell sound was heard.

Availability: Appears on J.J. Abrams' newer shows, such as Almost Human and Believe. May also appear on newer/later seasons of older shows running at the same time.

Editor's Note: None to low. The retained voiceclips of the kids saying the company name can still be considered funny, yet it can alarm daydreaming viewers who haven't seen this logo. The CG appearance of the robot may get to some as well.

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