Bari Films (Pakistan)

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Logo description by SnowflakesOmega, JakeTheApaobrebes, and Megadeth99

Video captures by Megadeth99


Nicknames: "Shrine from Hell", "The Logo's Funeral", "The Rainy Shrine Logo", "Suhail Butt", "Urdu Tombstone"

Logo: We zoom into a shrine with Urdu text, before we pan up and a stock video of a thunderbolt plays briefly. We then cut to two panning shots of nature, before the same shrine appears again.

FX/SFX: It's all mostly live-action.

Music/Sounds: A woman singing in Urdu with the thunder sound.

Availability: Seen on Sher Ali and Manga Gujar.

Editor's Note: Many in the logo community found the logo creepy and depressing. Also, the shrine is not a tombstone. There's a theory about a girl hanging which is false because we can barely see her move in the top left of the logo during the first seconds.

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