Berk-Schwartz-Bonann Entertainment

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Logo descriptions by MylesMoss1996 Logo captures by neelyryan95

(April 23, 1989-May 14, 2001)

Berk-Schwartz-Bonann_EntertainmentBerk_Schwartz_Bonann_Entertainment (1994) Logo: On a black background with red, green and blue lightened line-like shapes, we see the grey word "BERK" flying to the left, "SCHWARTZ" to the middle, and "BONANN" to the right. Two grey circles appear on the company's name, and the light blue word "ENTERTAINMENT" appears.

Variant: The word "PRODUCTIONS" replaces "ENTERTAINMENT."

FX/SFX: The flying text, and the fade-in of "ENTERTAINMENT."

Music/Sounds: Synth horn with strings, ends with the reverse cymbal.

Availability: Seen on Baywatch, Thunder in Paradise, Assault on Devil's Island, and Steel Chariots.

Editor's Note: None.

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