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Nick Michiotis

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Nick Michiotis

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Bertelsmann is a German book publishing company. In the past, it has co-produced book and home media releases along with Greek publisher Ilias Maniateas Editions.

1st Logo (????) (Greek variant)

Bertelsmann (Germany) (Greek variant).png

Note: Logo starts at 0:06.

Logo: We see a black background, which indicates space, with stars scattered all across it. The latter move towards the camera, in the sense of a perspective environment. Suddenly, a ball composed of several silver circle lines (smaller to bigger ones), that whirl around each other, appears in the distance, through a flashing light near the top left corner. It comes screeching towards the bottom right corner, and disappears. The "Bertelsmann" word is placed in the top part of the screen. At first, a flashing light appears throughout its letters. After that, it retains its yellow color.

FX/SFX: The smaller and bigger circle lines whirling around each other, the ball moving towards the camera, and the Bertelsmann name being placed to the top.


Availability: Extinct. Found on the Greek "Ο αιώνας μας" (Our century) VHS tapes by Ilias Maniateas Editions.

Editor's Note: None.

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