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Big Fish Entertainment is the New York-based unscripted production company that was founded in 2006 by Dan Cesareo and has since produced their award-winning and top rated shows like Black Ink Crew. On June 6, 2018, MGM acquired the company.

(October 26, 2015-)

Logo: On an underwater background, we see several fishes swimming to the right, revealing the text "BIGFISH" and "ENTERTAINMENT".

Variant: Starting in 2020, the byline "AN MGM COMPANY" was added.

FX/SFX: Entirely done in CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A bell tree with sort of a drone or the closing theme.

Availability: Seen on their shows that they produced like Cartel Crew and Black Ink Crew: Chicago, both on VH1, and Live: PD on A&E.

Editor's Note: None.

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