Blue Tongue Films

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Note: Not to be confused with Blue Tongue Entertainment.


Logo: On a black background there's a rectangle on the middle of the screen with a clip of what appears to be a first person view of a old car's tire's rim. There is a 1970's style car behind the car. The cars seems to be going fast. The car goes left and it causes the car to flip, eventually stopping the tire. We get more close up to the tire's tread and the words "Blue Tongue Films" in a rectangle are printed on it. The whole clip has an stocking effect.

FX/SFX: Just the clip on the center on the screen.

Music/Sounds: The two cars' engine revving. And when the car turns, the car tires' screech and followed by a sound that sounds similar when you drop a camera. A brief siren-like sound can be heard while the car is filliping.

Availability: Found on the 2008 film The Square.

Editor's Note: None.

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