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Logo descriptions by CNViewer2006

Video captures courtesy of TakingofPelhamify

Background: Bob & Alice Productions is the production company of Bonnie Hunt, named after her parents, Bob and Alice Hunt.

(August 20, 1993-May 26, 2010)

Logo: We see a black and white photograph of Bonnie Hunt's parents, Bob and Alice Hunt on their wedding day, smiling. A blue letter "A" fades in below the logo as, the words "Bob & Alice" wipe in on-screen underlined and in a cursive font (most likely the couple's actual signatures). "Production, Inc." below the company name.

FX/SFX: The company name forming.

Music/Sounds: No music, just Bonnie Hunt herself saying "A Bob and Alice production", CBS airings of Bonnie used the network's generic them.
Music/Sounds Trivia: According to Hunt, the sound bite originates from a saying her parents would often tell Hunt and her siblings growing up which was, "You are a Bob and Alice production".
Availability: First appeared on the short-lived CBS sitcom, The Building in the fall of 1993. Also appeared on Bonnie (which ran on CBS from 1995-96), Life with Bonnie, and The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Editor's Note: None.

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