Bob Myer Productions

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Logo description and capture by megamanj2004

Background: This logo was the production company of Bob Myer, famed TV producer, writer, and consultant on my TV shows such as The Facts of Life, 227, Who's the Boss?, Cybill among shows.

(September 29, 1993-February 28, 1995)

Nicknames: "The Building Blocks of Bob Myer", "Kid Topples the Blocks", "Oops, sorry blocks!"

Logo: On a cream-beige background inside a bedroom, we see a set of stacked blocks, surrounded by two brown castles with the logo reading the following:

BOBBob Myer Productions (1995) MYER PRODS INC

and the words "In association with" in a white font below, matching the same font as the closing credits of Me and the Boys. Then after the logo music finishes, a little kid's foot suddenly appears and kicks down the blocks.

FX/SFX: The blocks getting stomped.

Music/Sounds: An 8-note synth-keyboard tune, followed by the shattering sound of the blocks toppling after the little kid kicks them down.

Availability: Rare to almost extinct. So far the only shows known to have this logo is on the short-lived ABC sitcoms Me and the Boys and Joe's Life.

Editor's Note: Low. The foot kicking the blocks may startle some, but it's a funny logo.

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