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Logo description by Michael Bass Video capture courtesy of Juan López Porras, and Paperking99.

Background: Bobby Goldstein Productions is the production company of Bobby Goldstein, creator of Cheaters.

1st Logo (October 21, 2000-May 14, 2007)

Bobby Goldstein Productions (2000)

Logo: At the bottom of the screen, a blue bar is seen as this text zooms in on top of it:

BOBBY GOLDSTEIN PRODUCTIONS In the background, we see a man in an office who rings a push-button bell on his desk, and we see a close-up of the bell as he rings it. He yells "KARA!" and Kara comes in and shouts "WHAT?!". The man then mumbles "ooh...".

FX/SFX: It's all live action except for the blue bar.

Music/Sounds: After we hear the bell ringing, we hear the dialogue.

Availability: It appeared on Cheaters episodes from the era, which are hard to find.

Editor's Note: The talking may possibly get to some especially if you are not used to that, but overall it's pretty much a funny logo.

2nd Logo (September 24, 2007-)

Logo: At the bottom of the screen, a black bar is seen as the same text from before zooms up and tilts down, in gold. At the top, we see a goofy-looking man holding a comically oversized cigar in an office with many things on his desk, such as a red-colored Magic 8 Ball, a styrofoam cup, and a desk portrait of a random guy in an afro (presumably a 1970s high-school yearbook photo).The man, who is wearing sunglasses and a dollar-sign-shaped necklace among other things, says "Now remember, if ya don't get your programming from Goldstein's..." He then stands up as the camera zooms up on his face, and says "...why, we'll both lose money!"

FX/SFX: It's all live-action save for the text.

Music/Sounds: The man saying his dialogue. Two cash register dings are heard as the text below tilts.

Availability: Common. Seen on post-2007 episodes of Cheaters in syndication.

Editor's Note: None. Although the MG Perin, Inc. logo that follows afterwards may scare some, this logo is funny.

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