Bomp Productions

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Editions by Muzzarino

Background: TBA.


Nickname: "BOMP!"

Logo: On a white background, the text "Bomp" falls onto the pale canary oval before the voice saying "Bomp" is heard. The letters for "productions" run from the left and bumps into each other. The letters for the text back up a bit for room and then they start jumping.

FX/SFX: The "Bomp" text falling down.

Music/Sounds: The whistle is heard at the beginning and a man says "Bomp!" after the text falls down and the "Productions" text making some weird kiss-like sound effects while bouncing and the bubbling sound effect is heard after.

Availability: Rare, only seen at the end of all VHS tapes of The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth.


Editor's Note:None.

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