Bonnie Raskin Productions

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Logo Picture by Eric S. Videos by Eric S. and Maxim Atanasov

(March 9, 1988-March 7, 2004) Bonnie Raskin ProductionsBonnie Raskin Productions (1996)

Nicknames: "The Ice Cream", "Mommy. Not Again!"

Logo: Using live-action footage, we see a kid's hand holding mint ice cream against a purple wall. The ice cream falls to the floor, and "a Bonnie Raskin Production" fades in, along with "in association with" below.

Variant: On the 1996 TV movie Her Last Chance, the text from the logo appears on a black background. On the 2003 TV movie America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Story, the text looks different and the ice cream is on the cone.

FX/SFX: The text fading in, but other than that, it's all live-action. On America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Story, it's a still logo.

Music/Sounds: Either we hear a child laughing, followed by the child groaning, or little girl saying "Mommy." before the ice cream falling down, followed by "Not again!" instead. The ice cream falls to the floor with a thud on both versions, some later NBC airings have promos playing over this logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the 1998 TV movie I've Been Waiting for You, the end theme plays over the logo.

Availability: Seen mostly on made-for-TV movies such as She Fought Alone. Also appeared on the 1988 short-lived TV series Aaron's Way.

Editor's Note: A funny logo, but the ice cream looks like it was pulled off-screen by a string, and the cone looks deformed as well, but you'd probably feel the same way if you dropped your ice cream on the ground.

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