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(2015 - 2018) Logo: We start on an out-of-focus shot of a lit-up city skyline at night. We slightly zoom into the shot at a slow pace as it seamlessly cross-fades into a detailed close-up shot of morning dew on a field of grass. We zoom through this for a bit until reaching one particular drop of dew. We zoom through this drop of dew, as the reflection of the grass slowly morphs into an image of two trees. Upon entirely zooming into the trees, the water engulfing the background morphs into a sky. The scene finishes settling into place as “BROAD GREEN” in a parallelogram, with “PICTURES” below, dissolves below.

Variations: In Bad Santa 2, the logo begins at the grass scene. In Wish Upon, the logo is black-and-white in a fashion like a color negative, and is also put on a texture background to further look like an abstract image. The city scene is omitted entirely, and the logo begins with the out-of-focus dots from the scene on the background, producing something almost looking like a Rosarach test, before transitioning into the grass scene. Upon zooming into the dew, the logo de-inverts and continues as normal. Also, at the end, the trees cross-fade into the trees of the first scene of the movie, with the company graphic remaining a little longer before fading out as well. FX/SFX: AMAZING CGI and seamless transitioning. Music/Sounds: A majestic fanfare that changes styles in a similar fashion for each of the three prominent scenes in the logo: it’s mostly bass-driven with some quiet bustling city sounds (specifically, cars and an ambulance) during the city scene, adds in twinkling bells and subdued sounds of bugs during the grass scene, then finally goes into a triumphant horn crescendo after zooming in the drop of dew. It can also be silent or use the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Eden, Bad Santa 2, Green Room, etc.

Editor's Note: An amazingly-done logo with a level of uniqueness and intricacy not often seen in 2010s logos.

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