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Broken Compass Films, Ltd. is an independent Canadian production company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company is dedicated to the creation of original and engaging content across multiple platforms, best known for the CSA-winning Detention Adventure television series, premiered on May 3rd, 2019.

(May 3, 2019-)

Broken Compass Films (Canada) - CLG Wiki/Miraheze.
Broken Compass Films (Canada) - CLG Wiki/Miraheze.

Nickname(s): "The 3D Spinning 360-Degree-Like Compass", "The Still Picture of a Compass", "The Sketchy, Drawn Out Compass Logo".

Logo: Superimposed in-credit during the TV show's credits on a black background, we see a still image photo shot of an 360-degreed angled compass placed on the very top with the following purple text below saying:


in a capitalized Times New Roman font (Sans Serif used for it's company's print logo itself (see image above at very first top middle) but is black in color and is also all in capitals as well and bolded at this time instead) is seen right in the middle below the compass, all stacked and squished in together (sometimes going across) respectively, seen sitting on the right handed side along with the Loco Motion Pictures logo seen sitting at the other hand (which is on the left side).


  • There is also an print logo version of the company used on it's company's Twitter profile page and Vimeo profile page.
  • On the second season of Detention Adventure, the logo is now tinted in red instead of purple.

SFX: Nothing.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of Detention Adventure is heard.

Availability: Current/Extinct. So far seen on Detention Adventure on CBC Kids/CBC Gem TV in Canada and HBO Max in US.

Editor's Note: Nothing.

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