Broken Good

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Logo descriptions by MylesMoss1996 Logo captures by MylesMoss1996 Video captures courtesy of Pepsi9072

Background: This is Abraham Higginbotham's vanity card.

(September 10-24, 2008) Broken Good (2008) Logo: On a white background, we see a house with flowers, bushes, and a tree. Next to them on the right is a mallet. A mallet hits the house, flattening it completely and leaving a cloud of dust. As the dust disappears, we see Abraham Higginbotham's family. The five white with outlined black words, "HA HA HA HA HA," ease in and out. The black words below read, "BRoken Good."

FX/SFX: The cartoon.

Music/Sounds: A piano falling sound, and a cartoon bang with a children laughing.

Availability: Seen on Do Not Disturb.

Editor's Note: None.

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