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Logo: We see a campsite, complete with an RV and picnic table in the background. Several rocks and bushes are scattered throughout, and some hills and trees can be seen in the distance. Two toy-like figures like those in Crossing Swords are seen as well - one with a cheese hat, green vest, glasses, a handlebar moustache holding a football, and another with a cowboy hat who are grilling meat on a small BBQ. The figures turn a bit as the words 'BUDDY SYSTEMS' in blue turn sideways into view, notably casting a shadow.

Variants: Depending on the Crossing Swords episode it appears on, two fictional advertisements (related to moments in the episode itself) appear in the spaces between both this logo and the Tom Is Awesome logo.

FX/SFX: Stop-motion animation, fitting for the show it appears on.

Music/Sounds: A young child saying ''That was amazing!'' along with clicking noises as the letters turn.

Availability: Seen on Crossing Swords on Hulu.

Editor's Note: None.

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