Bum Motion Picture Company Ltd. (South Korea)

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Nickname: "The South Korean MGM", "Metro Bum Pictures (MBM)"

Logo: On a starfield background, two green stars zoom out and collide to the bottom of the screen, from which tiger eyes are seen with a pink shadow. Then, many-colored (red, blue and cyan) neon outlining of a tiger all in once in a trail effect zooms in at the viewer. Once we get to the last tiger, which is pink, many purple animated lasers (on many forms) are seen blocking the tiger's spaces and shooting at us. Once it's done, the text in Korean appears on it and disappears. Then, a semicircle appears from the tiger's head zooming out with cyan trails, accompanying suddenly with a ribbon (which both are barely seen). And then, the text "BUM MOTION PICTURE COMPANY LTD." on blue, appears over the semicircle. Another logo (which is unknown to tell and hard to describe) in blue and violet schemes, appear zooming out the ribbon below the semicircle (it's obvious that the company's name is on Korean). Finally, the background then turns green with the name of the company zooming in back with cyan trails (but the company's text is still) and many seconds later fades to black.

FX/SFX: The space, the tiger zooming in at us with trails, the lasers, the text and the appearance of the entire logo, along with the background turning green.

Music/Sounds: A soothing space-like fanfare with whooshes and the sounds of the tiger, followed by some other VERY LOUD whooshes, and then it segues into an overly dramatic fanfare (most parts are silent, which adds to its creepiness), composing of sudden orchestral hits. The fanfare then continues until the logo fades to black.

Availability: Unknown outside South Korea. Seen on their films at the time, but it's hard to tell where it came from.

Editor's Note: If there's darkness and loud music combined with this logo along with the red scheme of the tiger and the sudden cut of said music, this would be a perfect scare for everyone who first seen it or not expected it. This also appeared on children's tapes, and might have scared lots of kids back then. However, others may find the animation cool or just awful.

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