Burt Dubrow Productions

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Background: This is the production company of Burt Dubrow, a TV producer of variety/talk shows arguably best known nowadays for producing Sally Jessy Raphael, Dr, Drew and the notorious Jerry Springer Show. His earlier works included Kids Are People Too and the extremely early Nick show America Goes Bananaz.

(August 18, 2000 - 2006)

Logo: In a black and white scene. on a background depicting some sort of party scene (balloons and what appears to be a balloon inflater can be seen), a weird contraption (what appears to be a metal box with two airhorns on either end) is labeled with "YES" and "NO" with arrows pointing to the airhorns. "BURT DUBROW" is below on the box. A clowns hand honks the "YES" airhorn twice, the first honk causes "productions" to appear and the second causes the scene to become color.

FX/SFX: It's all live-action.

Music: The horn honks. On ALF's Hit Talk Show, the end theme plays along with the horn honks.

Avalibility: Extinct. It was only on three obscure talk shows: ALF's Hit Talk Show,The Cindy Margolis Show, and the 2006 version of I've Got a Secret on GSN.

Editor's Note: On ALF's Hit Talk Show, the horns are out of sync.

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