Bushwacker Productions

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Logo descriptions by MylesMoss1996 Logo captures by MylesMoss1996

Background: This is Emile Levisetti's production company. He is formerly an employee of Industry Entertainment.

(January 3– April 11, 2007) Bushwacker Productions Logo: On a filmstrip, we see a black and white cat, sitting on the blue ground on the sunny day. The 3D red words come in, "BUSHWACKER PRODUCTIONS." The cat says, "Bushwacker," in a deep voice. The camera zooms in to get a close up for the cat, and we also see spotlights.

FX/SFX: The cat, the spotlights, and the words.

Music/Sounds: Either the cat's dialogue or an ABC generic theme with a voiceover.

Availability: Seen on ABC's In Case of Emergency.

Editor's Note: None.

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