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Adding images to the CLG Wiki is quite simple. Here's a quick rundown of the main ways you can add and use images.

"Upload File"

Perhaps the most obvious way to upload an image is to click the "upload file" button in the sidebar and follow the instructions to upload your image. If on mobile, you can go and search for Special:Upload.

Adding images to a page

Existing images

If the image you want is already uploaded, simply type the following to have it appear in the page:

This markup also works in forum threads.

New Images

To upload an Image while you edit, simply download the images, then drag them from the folder to the "Drop Files here" box in the editor, as shown below. Next, name your files as you wish. Finally, click "upload all". You can do this for many files at a time, though beware, there is a rate limit after which it will stop uploading your files. If you encounter this, you simply need to clear the failed uploads, add them back to the list and click "upload" again.

The Drag-and-Drop uploader in action

Tip: There are browser extensions that allow you to download all images from a given webpage. These are especially useful when transferring from pages on the old site with a lot of images.

Formatting your images

When adding a single image to a wiki page, we recommend that you center the image by adding |center to the above markup, resulting in:

If you'd like to make your image bigger or smaller, add |(Image Size), where Image Size is a size value in px, for example:

This can be used in conjunction with the previously described alignment parameter, for example:

Note: Do not use the |thumb parameter when adding images on wiki pages.


To create a gallery of several images, use the following markup: <gallery> File:1.png File:2.png File:3.png </gallery>

For wiki pages we recommend the addition of the following parameters: mode=packed heights=200 (for smaller galleries) heights=150 (for galleries with more images)
Note: You do not need to use "px" for the heights parameter.

If you upload multiple files at a time by dragging and dropping them into the editor, you don't need to worry about writing out the markup, you just need to click "Insert All As Gallery" and it will make the gallery for you. All you need to do is add the aforementioned mode and heights.

Tabbed Galleries

If you have a particularly large gallery which might cause issues with page loading and navigation, you can break the gallery up using <tabs> tags. The syntax for this is as follows:

<tab name=tab1>
<gallery mode=packed heights=100>
<tab name=tab2>
<gallery mode=packed heights=100>

Repeat as many times as needed for your desired number of tabs. An example of how this code renders can be seen here.

Image Guidelines

"Potato Captures"


Images on pages should be direct screen captures of the logo. We do not accept "Potato Captures" obtained by pointing a camera at a screen.


Images should not have any YouTube watermarks. If a capture is watermarked at its original source (e.g. a recording of a show on YouTube), then it may be acceptable to edit out the watermark, providing it can be done cleanly. Do not upload captures from watermarked uploads by logo YouTubers, as in many cases they are active on the wiki themselves and will likely upload a watermark-free version.


CLG Wiki does not accept reconstructions of logos for use on pages. If you wish to showcase reconstructions you have made yourself, feel free to do so on your user page or a subpage thereof, though please ensure you mark your images with {{ImageForProfile}} so other editors do not mark them for deletion. If you upload a reconstruction believing it to be real, simply mark it for deletion and an admin will remove the image for you.

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