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This is the Animation section of the CLG Wiki. All animation logo descriptions will be posted here.

Fox Corporation
The Walt Disney Company
The Bertelsmann Foundation/The Mohn Family
  • Random House Children's Entertainment
  • Random House Home Video
  • Dr. Seuss Enterprises
  • CBeebies Originals
  • CBBC Originals
ITV plc
  • CITV
  • Century 21 Productions
  • Anderson Burr Pictures
  • Cosgrove Hall Films
  • Zodiac Entertainment
MGM Holdings Inc.
Comcast Corporation
Sony Corporation
AT&T Inc.
Access Industries.
National Amusements Inc.
Crown Media Holdings
Hearst Corporation
E.W. Scripps Company
Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation
beIN Media Group
Lantern Capital
  • Miramax Family Films
RKO Pictures LLC
GT Media Inc.
Hasbro Inc.
Heron International
The Jim Henson Company
GT Media Inc.
Groupe Dargaud
  • EllipsAnime
Corus Entertainment Inc.
WildBrain Ltd
Mattel Inc
Splash Entertainment LLC
TV-Loonland AG
4Licensing Corporation
O Entertainment
Zodiak Media Group
Ion Media Networks
Waterman Entertainment Inc.
Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.
  • Namco Films
  • Bandai Entertainment
  • Emotion
  • Sunrise
Nintendo Co.| Ltd.
Public & Non-Profit Organizations
Anime & Manga Companies
Vanity & Miscellaneous
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