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This page outlines the different levels of deletion requests, reasons to tag a page for deletion and how to go about doing so.

Deletion Templates

Use {{Delete|reason}} if you think a page should be deleted. This allows editors to discuss the issue on a thread or the article's talk page. If a page obviously needs to be deleted (e.g. blatant spam/vandalism, extremely inappropriate content or uncontroversial removal of duplicate/typo titles and unwanted redirects), use {{SpeedyDelete|reason}}.



Incorrect title

Used if a name is incorrect or contains a typo.

Type {{Delete|Wrong title}}

Inappropriate Title

Used if a page's title is offensive or extremely inappropriate. Pages of this nature should be nominated immediately for Speedy Deletion.

Type {{SpeedyDelete|Inappropriate title}}

Technical Deletion

Used for general, uncontroversial maintenance such as cleanup of unwanted redirects or empty categories.

Type {{Delete|Technical deletion}}


Used if a page is created that already exists. When marking a page as a duplicate, please link to the duplicated page in your deletion reason for reference by the reviewing administrator, as sometimes it may be preferable to convert the page to a redirect or merge the two pages if one is more developed or has wider scope than the other.

Type {{Delete|duplicate of [[Page]]}}


Page vandalism can involve fake logos or generally disruptive pages.

Type {{Delete|Fake logo}}, {{Delete|disruptive page}}, {{Delete|Vandalism}}, {{SpeedyDelete|vandalism}}

If you believe a particular logo or capture on a page may be fake and wish to discuss it, flag it with: {{PossibleFake}}


Used for pages that have nothing to do with CLG Wiki.

Type {{Delete|Nothing to do with CLG Wiki}}


Used for articles about a non-notable subject.

Type {{Delete|Not notable}} or {{SpeedyDelete|Not notable}} on the page.

Used for pages about parody logos. Such parodies, if notable, should be added to Logos in Popular Culture.

Type {{Delete|Parody logo}} on the page.


Used for logos that are an imaginary, fake or fanon/dream logo.

Type {{Delete|Fake logo}} or {{Delete|Fanon/dream logo}} on the page.

Irrelevant image

Used for images not related to logos, the CLG or the functionality of a template.
Note: non-logo images for user pages are allowed. Such images should be tagged with {{ImageForProfile}} so that other editors know they are exempt from this criteria and should not be marked for deletion.

Type {{Delete|Irrelevant Image}} or {{SpeedyDelete|Obvious fake logo}} on the page.

Inappropriate Content

Used for extremely inappropriate images, e.g. explicit porn, gore. Such files should be nominated immediately for Speedy Deletion.
Note: Logos with NSFW content such as nudity are allowed, though any page they appear on must be tagged with {{NSFW}}.

Type {{SpeedyDelete|Inappropriate content}} on the page.


Template can't work

Used for templates that won't work despite all efforts.

Type {{Delete|This template won't work}} or {{Delete|Template won't work}} on the page.

Spam/vandalism template

Used for templates with spam or vandalism.

Type {{Delete|This template contains spam}} on the page.

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