Cheyenne Enterprises

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Background: This is the production company of Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin.

(March 7, 2003-)

Logo: On a dark sand background, we see a glowing red runic figure, looking like a stick with a circular end, and two lines crossing it. A cloud of flame envelops it, and vanishes to reveal a dragonfly, which begins to move and wipe the sand by its wings. The word "CHEYEППE" appears from the wiped sand. Then the dragonfly sits between П's (or N's) and turns again into the rune in a cloud of flame. The background, consisting of star-like particles, glows a little.

FX/SFX: Great CGI all around.

Music/Sounds: An ethnic composition with drums, culminating at the second transformation of the dragonfly. Sometimes, it has the movie's opening theme or silence.

Availability: Scarce, doesn't appear on every movie. Seen on Hostage, The Whole Ten Yards and Tears of the Sun.

Editor's Note: None.

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