Chung Wai Motion Picture Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

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Logo: On a green background, we see a golden abstract emblem (made up of a circle and several curved lines) zooming in over the screen (a la V of Doom), then "CHUNG WAI MOTION PICTURE CO., LTD." and "HONG KONG" fades in above and under the emblem respectively. The logo then zooms out to make room for the Chinese characters written backwards which fades in below the logo.

FX/SFX: The zooming in and the fading.

Music/Sounds: A stock fanfare from the KPM Music Library named "Fanfare (1) " by Neil Richardson, then the gong crash is heard at the end.

Availability: Extremely rare/extinct. Seen only on the Taiwanese film The Face Behind the Mask (1977). It doesn't appear on the movie A Massacre Survivor (1979).

Editor's Note: None.

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