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Disney Platform Distribution was originally formed in 1987 as Capital Cities/ABC Video Enterprises. The name was changed to ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group in 1993, and in July 1996, CC/ABC combined the international units, Walt Disney Television International and ACIBG, into Disney–ABC International Television (DAIT). On October 19, 1999, ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group was renamed Disney–ABC International Television, Inc. By February 1999, DAIT began operating under the name, Buena Vista International Television. By May 14, 2007 however, the Buena Vista International Television name was dropped for Disney–ABC International Television, and finally adopted the name Disney Media Distribution in 2011. On October 12, 2020, the company was renamed to its current name.

Disney Media Distribution

(September 7, 2020-)

Nicknames: "Disney in the Sky", "Crashing Stars", "The Cheap Stars"

Logo: Same as the Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution logo, except with the Disney Media Distribution name in white. Additionally, the star disappears when the company name is flipping.

FX/SFX: Same as the Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution logo. Done by New Wave Entertainment and Pembroke Creative.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution logo.

Availability: Current, but that might not last. Was recently discovered on a WSB-TV airing of Live with Kelly & Ryan in place of the Disney-ABC HE&TD logo, and started appearing on newer episodes of Tamron Hall, one episode had the logo cut-off by a commercial for some reason. However, with the company being renamed a month after this logo's debut, it remains to be seen if this logo will still be used.

Editor's Note: A cheap sequel to the Disney-ABC HE&TD logo. The star simply disappears due to the DMD logo not having a star in it like the Disney-ABC logo does. Considering that the company was renamed a month after its debut, this could be a placeholder. However, time will tell when the logo would retire.

Disney Platform Distribution

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