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SF Film Finland Oy is a Finnish subsidiary distribution company owned by Svensk Filmindustri. Founded on 2000, the company did operate under its original name FS Film Oy prior to its name change in 2013. It has become one of the major lead film distribution companies on both theatrical and home video markets of Finland, as they own distribution rights to film properties of major film studios such as Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox.

1st Logo (2000-2013)

Logo: On a tan background, we see the dark red text "FS FILM OY", with dark red outlined versions of the 20th Century Fox and Svensk Filmindustri logos on both sides of the text. Below it, we can also see the smaller "Video, DVD- ja elokuvavinkit" ("Video, DVD and movie tips") in Peignot, with "www.fs-film.fi" in the same font below it. The logo zooms in slowly, while shadows begin to appear behind logos and text, slowly becoming darker.

FX/SFX: The shadows of the logos and text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A long synth sound, that is followed by a high-pitched chime.

Availability: Uncommon. Can be found on TCF releases in Finland from the time; three examples being the VHS tapes for Home Alone 4, Ice Age and The Day After Tomorrow.

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