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First Films was a film company established by Hong Kong producer/director Wong Cheuk-hon. While registered in Hong Kong, First Films mainly operated in Taiwan and most of their films were made there. First Films ceased operations in the late 80s. Wong Cheuk-hon's son Wong Hoi would later set up Golden Flare Films.


Nicknames: "Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo", "First Films/Scope"

Logo: On a dark blue background, we see a dim logo. The logo then becomes brighter to reveal that it is a large brown "1" with a smaller "1" inside of it that is the same color as a wreath surrounding the large "1". After the "1" zooms in, the large words "FIRST" and "SCOPE" fade in on either side of the "1", along with some yellow Chinese characters below. The logo sparkles throughout.

Variant: Sometimes, the word "FILMS" instead of the word "SCOPE" is seen, and the Chinese names is different. It's seen on some later films produced or distributed by company them.

FX/SFX: The brightening and zooming in of the "1", the fading in of the text, and the sparkling.

Music/Sounds: A drumroll followed by a fanfare with the first six notes borrowed from the common childish tune that is often sung "Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo". Sometimes, on the "SCOPE" version, there are 2 versions, different music and a stock fanfare from the New Tide Film Co. logo.

Availability: Common on many films made by the company, such as the Mandarin film Ma Su Chen, The Flying Swordgirl, Knight Errant and others. Sometimes is plastered or preceded by the Media Asia logo. A very cut-off version can also be seen on a VHS copy of Women Warriors.

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