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This is the Home Entertainment section of the CLG Wiki. All home entertainment logo descriptions will be posted here.

Wagner/Cuban Companies
The Walt Disney Company
The Bertelsmann Foundation/The Mohn Family
MGM Holdings Inc.
Comcast Corporation
Sony Corporation
AT&T Inc.
National Amusements, Inc.
Amblin Partners
Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation
Lantern Capital
beIN Media Group
Citigroup, Inc.
  • EMI Video
RKO Pictures, LLC
Apollo Global Management
  • Southern Star Video
Carolco Pictures, Inc.
AMC Networks, Inc.
Mediaset S.p.A.
  • CDI Video
GT Media, Inc.
Shout! Factory
Hasbro, Inc.
Western-World Television, Inc.
  • World Video
Mogul Communications
  • All-American Video
  • Mega Video
  • Trend Video
  • Canada's Galaxy Video
Allied Artists International, Inc.
Village Roadshow Corporation
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
New Concorde
Heron International
Crédit Agricole
Work-out Video Companies
Public & Non-Profit Organizations
Argentine Companies
Australian Companies
Chilean Companies
Colombian Companies
Dutch Companies
French Companies
German Companies
Greek Companies
Italian Companies
  • Domovideo
Japanese Companies
Russian Companies
Scandinavian Companies
  • Baroness Videovision
  • Din Video
  • Esselte Video
  • Magnum Video
  • Mariann Video
  • Scand Video
  • Trix Videofilmer
  • Videce Videocentralen
  • Walthers Video
  • Westcon Home Video
Spanish Companies
  • Porkie Home Video
  • Vídeo Diversión
  • Ivs
  • Videojoven
  • Viva Home Video
  • Divisa Home Video
  • Track Media/Euromedia Visión
United Kingdom Independent Home Video Companies
B-Movie Companies
Vanity & Miscellaneous
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