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Logo descriptions by LOCALCOWBOY. Captions by LOCALCOWBOY. Logo editions courtesy of by LOCALCOWBOY.

Background: Home Plate Entertainment is an American animation studio company founded on 23 September 2010 by CEO founder Bill Schwartz. Though it did not yet have an onscreen logo until early spring 2012.

(March 23, 2012-)

Home Plate Entertainment (2010)

Logo: On a white background, we see the words "Home" in sea blue and another is "Plate" in yellow, but the "e" has a long stencilled smooth line that's touching all the way down to until the lowercased "l", in which consists of the text "ENTERTAINMENT", where half of "ENTERTAIN" is in black nor half of "MENT" is in silverish-pine green, in a monospaced font, and the text seems more smaller and tinier in position inside the very smoother end of the letter E. Also, it consists of a black shield border with a patterned interior of the shield that has bigger dots on the top diagonal left of it, which leaves the letters "H" and "P" (on the left side) and 2 "E"'s (on the right side) stack out of the position within in the black border of the shield.


  • On most of the company's shows, the logo might be sometimes superimposed on the end credits along with other produced logos for each and every TV series.
  • On Wild Grinders, the Telegael/Agogo Media/FDP logos appears both at the middle and bottom sections above the HPE logo.

SFX: Just a print logo only, but likely seemed to be an onscreen in-credit logo for it's own produced shows.

Music/Sounds: It's only the end theme of the TV show.

Availability: Current. It first debuted on the series premiere of the NickToons series Guess How Much I Love You, released on the same date of the logo's debut. Please do not expect to see newer seasons and episodes of the latter as well. Also seen on Wild Grinders and Teenage Fairytale Dropouts.

Editor's Note: This is a favorite of Guess How Much I Love You fans.

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