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Inter-Pathé Entertainment is a German distribution company formed by the merger of PAL Media, LLC and Pathé, which went defunct in the 90s, but somehow has been revived in 2012.

1st Logo (1980s-90s)

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Nicknames: "That's a Rooster?", "The Shaking", "The Personification of All That Is Cheesy"

Logo: We see a red, stylized silhouette of a rooster (though it doesn't look much like one) on a beige background with red spikes, which are suppose to represent a sunrise. The "rooster" also has a large beige outline as well, blending in mostly with the background. Then, the entire thing "shakes" (by badly cutting in and out of a closer version of the "rooster") in timing with crowing! After the sudden and cheesy shaking, on a blurrier, further away version of this silhouette, the words "INTER-PATHÉ" in a font that looks like Storybook, wipe to the right. Then, the word "Video" in the same font, wipes in as well and then zooms in. Suddenly, the word "Video" is replaced with a blue box, in which three yellow German words wipe down into the blue square (they say "Spiel", games; "Sport", sports; and "Spannung", suspense or thriller). The word "Western" in white and in Helvetica, suddenly replace the 3 German words. Then the word "Krimi" (crime) in light blue replaces "Western". "Krimi" is replaced by a green "Underhaltung" (entertainment), which is replaced by a pink "Klassiker" (classic), which is then replaced by a yellow "Abenteuer-Monster" (monster adventure), which is replaced by a blue "Science-Fiction"; this is then replaced with a white chunk of text that says "Weltraumfahrt Original*Nasa*Film" (space travel and films by NASA). Then, more film genres are listed: "Musik" (music) in pink; "Sport" (sports) in green; "Dokumentar-Zeitgeschichte" (documentary and contemporary history) in blue; "Kintop" (films in Germany's former yearbook of cinema) in yellow; "Zeichentrick" (cartoon) in pink; and "Märchen" (fairy tales) in yellow. Finally, the blue box disappears, and the word "PRÄSENTIERT:" wipes in. Then, the "shaking" repeats at a slightly faster rate!

FX/SFX: The shaking, the text zooming and wiping. It looks like a result of poor Scanimation and a few shots of the print logo on one of their tape boxes.

Music/Sounds: A rooster's cry, followed by a funky 70's-style theme (which is cheaply extended as it audibly cuts to another part when "Western" appears), then the rooster's cry again.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on their tapes during the time, on any tape that has their logo slapped onto it. Tapes from them have a distinct yellow-red design on them as well.

Editor's Note: It has been noted in the logo community for being one of the cheesiest logos from the 80's, with the bad "shaking", strange rooster design, and poor animation. The music seems to be a favorite though.

2nd Logo (March 23, 2012- )

Logo: We zoom out of a white window in a shape similar to a hat. During the zoom out, the website link "" fades in, also in white, but with a black border around it. A rooster (which is MUCH more realistically shaped), with what appears to be static inside the rooster, fades in, and starts to shake. After a few seconds, the shaking and static stop, and the words "INTER-PATHÉ" in a white Times font stacked, with a "3D look", fade in.

Variant: The website link's black border's thickness can range on a few of their films.

FX/SFX: The logo zooming out, the rooster shaking, the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A quick synth drone at the beginning, followed by a rooster's cry, then a fanfare.

Availability: Uncommon. First seen on Frankfurt 20er Jahre/ 20's, and now appears on their YouTube channel's intro, and other films, like Piranha Piranha, Marilyn Monroe - My Life, and Stagecoach, among others.

Editor's Note: The logo is cheap as well, but not to the degree as the 1st logo.

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