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Logo: On a blue and white gradient background with 3D objects moving about, the Jetix cat mascot jumps from the top right side of the screen. When it get near the center, the words "JETIX" in its usual font in red, with a black line below it, zoom in. When the cat hits the words it launches back up into the air quickly while the word "ON" in black, with a play symbol as the "O", appears below the line. When it lands again, the word "DEMAND" appears next to the word "ON". On the left and right side of the words "ON DEMAND", there are two arrows pointing left and right respectively.

FX/SFX: The Jetix mascot, the words zooming in, the words "ON DEMAND" appearing one by one.

Music/Sounds: The same jingle Jetix used on their bumpers during the era.

Availability: Extinct, as it only appeared on what Jetix offered On Demand, which became impossible to find after it (along with Toon Disney) became Disney XD.

Editor's Note: None.

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