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Laurel Entertainment, Inc. (formerly "The Laurel Group") was formed in 1977 by George A. Romero and Richard P. Rubinstein when they originally produced low-budget sci-fi and thriller movies. Laurel Entertainment later entered television production in 1983 with the series Tales from the Darkside. Romero left the partnership in 1985 and Rubinstein continued running the company. In 1988, Rubinstein merged Laurel Entertainment with Aaron Spelling Productions and became part of "Spelling, Inc.". Laurel Entertainment was folded into Spelling Television in 1995. The television library is currently held by ViacomCBS through CBS Media Ventures and Spelling Television, Inc. However, the films produced by Laurel are owned by other companies: Martin (1977 movie), Day of the Dead (1985 movie), and Creepshow 2 are controlled by Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz Distribution, while Creepshow is owned by Warner Bros. Pictures.

(October 29, 1983-May 15, 1995)

Logo: Superimposed in the credits, we see the text:


with "LAUREL" in a big font and a copyright stamp below.

Byline: From 1991-1995, the byline "A Unit of SPELLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC." is seen below.

FX/SFX: None. On the movies without the byline and on television with the byline, it's just a simple fade-in and fade-out.

Music/Sounds: The opening/closing theme of the show/movie.

Availability: Common.

  • Currently seen on Tales of the Darkside on Syfy and Chiller and Monsters on Chiller, both without the Spelling byline. Also seen on the complete first season DVD of Tales of the Darkside.
  • The version with the byline is uncommon and it appeared on the TV movie The Vernon Johns Story and three mini-series based on Stephen King novels: The Stand, Golden Years, and The Langoliers. The latter three titles with the Spelling byline were aired on Syfy and Chiller.

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