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These are the logo variations seen on trailer throughout the years by Entertainment One, with more to be added overtime.

The Pact (2012):
  • The logo is white, on a brown background, and has a grungy look to it.

Two by Two (2015):
  • The logo is in red, in 3D, and on a white background.

Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun (2019, International?):
  • The print logo is on a sky blue background, flipping from the 2012 Universal print logo.

Happiest Season (2020):
  • The print logo has the "e" in blue.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021):
  • The print logo is in peach.
  • On a Spanish trailer, the logo is sepia-toned.

Fireheart (2022):
  • The logo overlaps with the same thing in another position.
  • On an Australian trailer, the logo is in a box alongside the 2012 Universal logo; it still overlaps with the same thing in another position.

Ms. Harris Goes to Paris (2022):
  • The print logo (with the "one" box being hollow) is superimposed over a street in London.
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