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Lucasfilm Animation is the animation wing of Lucasfilm Ltd., founded in 2003. However, no real logo was used until 2008.

(August 15, 2008-)

Logo: On a white background, R2-D2 shines a light from his head towards the camera. The lights flashes and R2 disappears. Then a yellow cresent shape with legs with a dot close to it appears. Below is "LUCASFILM ANIMATION" with the byline "A LUCASFILM COMPANY" below.


  • There is an extended version of this logo where R2-D2 comes in from the left of screen. It then turns and moves forward closer to the screen. R2's head turns around and shines his light at us. This was only seen on a few Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes.
  • There was another variation. It shows some Jawas pulling on a metallic object. When the camera pans up, they freak out, and then drop the object and run off into the distance. This was only seen at the end of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie.
  • On the game for NDS, the logo was placed on the starfield. The byline was replaced with "SINGAPORE".

FX/SFX: R2's light and disappearing with the company logo and name appearing.

Music/Sounds: Just R2 beeping. On the extended version we can also here mechanical sounds when he is moving. On the Jawa variant, we hear the usual sounds that Jawas make.

Availability: Seen on both the movie and the TV series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Also seen on the game with the same name for NDS.

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