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MTM Home Video was the home media unit of MTM Enterprises, Inc. that was formed in 1992 with the acquisition of the parent company by International Family Entertainment, Inc. (now "ABC Family Worldwide"). MTM Home Video was folded into 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 1998 after News Corporation acquired MTM in 1997. Prior to the formation of this company, MTM licensed the home media rights to their library to various companies, such as United American Video Corporation.


MTM Home Video (1992)

Nicknames: "Mimsie the Kitten on VHS", "Mimsie with a Remote", "Rewinding Mimsie"

Logo: On a dark background, we see the beginning animation from the MTM Enterprises logo. We then see Mimsie the Cat holding a remote and meowing. Mimsie pushes the rewind button and the picture rewinds, causing it to become black and white. Afterward, the logo gains back the color and Mimsie meows a second time, and a blue line with "HOME VIDEO" under it appears under "MTM".

FX/SFX: Mimsie meowing and the rewinding.

Music/Sounds: Mimsie meowing twice, as well as her reversed and sped-up meow when she rewinds.

Availability: Rare. Seen on later-UAV and New Video distributed releases of MTM material, such as Newhart releases and The Very Best of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Editor's Note: A cute take on the already adorable MTM logo.

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