Magnetic Video Corporation

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Logo descriptions by
Matt Williams and James Stanley Barr

Logo captures by
Thatvhstapeguy and VPJHuk

Editions by
V of Doom, LJK193, Vahan Nisanian and indycar

Video captures courtesy of
VectraQS, Jordan Rios and - VPJLogo -.


Magnetic Video Corporation, a home media and audio duplication service established in 1968 by Andre Blay and based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, was the first company to release theatrical films to home media for consumers in 1976, making exclusive deals with United Artists, Avco Embassy, ITC, ABC Video Enterprises, Viacom (now "ViacomCBS"), RBC Films (then an exclusive licensee of several of Charles Chaplin's films), New Line Cinema, Brut Pictures, Bill Burrud Productions, American Film Theatre and 20th Century-Fox. In 1979, the latter purchased Magnetic Video from Blay, reincorporating it as "20th Century-Fox Video" in 1981. It is currently known as "20th Century Fox Home Entertainment". Ironically, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment used to own home media rights to most United Artists and Avco Embassy films due to their distribution of MGM releases, prior to 2020.

1st Logo
(November 1977-September 1982)

Nickname: "The Zoomer", "Ominous Magnetic"

Logo: There is an opening and a closing version.

  • OPENING: In a black background, we see the text "MAGNETIC VIDEO" zoom in. Eventually, the text stops and the byline "A TWENTIETH-CENTURY FOX COMPANY" appears. The logo then fades out, and "PRESENT" fades in.
  • CLOSING: In a black background, we see a trailing red triangle zooming out, until a very tiny portion of it is left. The triangle fills up completely, and the Magnetic Video print logo appears, as well as the "MAGNETIC VIDEO" text and byline.

FX/SFX: The logo zooming in and out, as well as the fading and trailing of the triangle.

Music/Sounds: An eerie-sounding synth with whooshing whenever the logo is zooming.

Availability: Near extinction. It was only known to be seen once in a trailer tape.

Editor's Note: This logo is an interesting find. The animation is pretty simple but okay for the time, but due to the dark nature and the zooms, this may freak out people, hence the nickname "Ominous Magnetic".