Mansarowar Films P. Ltd. (Nepal)

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Mansarowar Films was a other Nepali film production company and theatre chain based in Kathmandu.


Nicknames: "Ganesha Films Cousin", "Aarti Nepali Brother"

Logo: On a dirty land background with clouds, rivers, sands, trees and a Himalayan summits on the top of sky, we see a god of Nepali rising in from the rivers, After that, the sun light appears on the god, when the white company name in Nepali reading "Mansarowar Films P. Ltd." ripples over the bottom of the god. The text shines after the sun shining. After a while, the logo and the name fades out.

FX/SFX: The god rising from the screen.

Music/Sounds: The high-pitched theme from the Aarti Pictures logo. Sometimes, it could be silent.

Availability: Appeared on Chhori Buhari and Laxmi Puja.

Editor's Note: The logo and the nature scence may be unnerve some like than Aarti Pictures logo.

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