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Logo Descriptions by MegaCDFan235 and Julian.Dee

(October 20, 2016-)

Nickname: "The Switch", "CLICK!"

Logo: On a red background, we see the words "NINTENDO SWITCH" stacked, like this:


"SWITCH" is bigger in font size. We also see two Joy-Con beside each other. The left one is outlined, the right one is filled. Then, the right Joy-Con settles itself to be in line with the left one.


  • When the console is turned on for the first time, the animation plays as normal, but after that the screen zooms into between the Joy-Cons as they split apart and the screen fades to white.
  • When the console is powered on from fully turning off, the logo is simply seen still, white on a black background.
  • When a game is started from the menu, a black screen is shown with the Nintendo logo in white in the top-left corner, and the Nintendo Switch logo in the bottom-right, except the Joy-Con are to the left of the console name. The right Joy-Con lifts up and falls down again, causing the letters of SWITCH to spin.

FX/SFX: The right Joy-Con moving, and the Joy-Con shaking a little.

Music/Sounds: A "click"/"snap" sound when the Joy-Con become aligned, mimicking the sound of the Joy-Con being connected to the console.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the first time boot-up variant, a cheery tune plays, with a drumroll-like beat as the zoom occurs.
  • For the other variants, none.

Availability: Current. First appeared on the reveal trailer for the console, and when the console starts up and is loading games. Also seen on Switch game trailers and commercials.

Editor's Note: A favorite among Nintendo fans.

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