OVS Video Productions (UK)

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Nicknames: "SuperVideo's Lost British Brother", "Trippy OVS", "Cheesy OVS", "Irritating OVS", "OVS of Doom"

Logo: On a black background, we see a scanimate shape that looks like a closeup of a planet, except not all of it is coloured. The shape is green at the edges, then purple a little further down and blue lower down, omitting very weird patterns at different speeds. Then, later on, on the right side, the text




tilted a little upward slowly zooms in, flashing blue and green. Once the text disappears, the shape continues doing weird patterns for a second before we cut to another sphere shape, this time blue lines. The shape emits some more patterns, which includes more lines moving to the left and occasionally "pulsing", especially at the end when some blue light appears on 1 side of the shape and purple light on the other. The company name is at the front in the center.

FX/SFX: The zooming, the omitting patterns and pulsing, all scanimate effects.

Music/Sounds: A descending synthesiser at the first half, then an annoying, but also eerie synth hum at the second half.

Availability: May be found on obscure British cassettes.

Editor's Note: A very weird and cheesy logo, thanks to the music and animation. It might also bother some people thanks to the music, darkness and Scanimate, along with the sudden cut at the second half.

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